Monday, August 17, 2009

A Pause and A Cheat

I've come to a rather serious section in the book with no wish to be serious at the moment - so I have stalled. It won't last long. The book is good, it is worth reading even if the cover did not accurately show the Gratetful Dead-esque, swirly paint job camper the main character ended up purchasing. A camper that proves to be an important part of the plot - almost another full blown character at this point.

Now for the 'cheat' part. Is it really cheating if it's a book about writing? A non-fiction book that you read a little of and then do the exercise? Isn't that more like reference or text books? Well, I don't think it counts. (And yes, I probably can validate anything if I try.)

Now that I've confessed, maybe I can get back to reading the 'A' book, because I'm being awfully slow about this and the list of books to read is just getting longer and longer.

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