Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer, Swimmingly

Summer is not summer without a dabble of feet in a cool creek, a dash through a sprinkler or a plunge in a cool body of water on a hot day.  I love long slogs up creeks, crawling over and under logs, watching for crawdads who might nibble on my toes.  I love rope swings and flying out into the air and splashing deep into the coolness of the dark pool.  I love wading along the shore of the sound, looking for pretty rocks shimmering under the water and the cold splash as a large wave crashes into me just as I dip down to pick up a particularly pretty one, sea weed clinging to me, making me laugh.  I love a lake, a cool refreshing freshwater swim, where eagles and osprey fly over head, swallows and swifts dive through the air and skim over the water.  Kingfishers call out their raucous call and herons perch on old posts or along the shore, their still patience a calming presence.  Turtles peek at me, just a little striped head barely above the waters surface before diving down to watery depths.  Necklaces made from lake weeds and dragonflies zipping past.  I love not being the only full bodied woman wearing a bikini, not afraid of her goddess curves, feeling sexy in the water despite all those extra pounds.  I love that black bikini, letting more water move over my skin, cool and refreshing silkiness.  The comfortable ache of muscles well used and a growing hunger as I linger on the shores edge after a long swim.  I love the feeling of my soft skin warmed in the sun, cooled in the water and warmed in the sun once again.  That feeling of relaxation that only comes from times like these.  I love summer, swimmingly.


Fearless Nester said...

Awww...And I love the way you describe all these water experiences. It looks like you are thoroughly enjoying this season sweet lady! ~Lili

LOLAB said...


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