Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bloggy Friend Meet Up

What a great blogosphere we all have!  We get to meet such interesting people through our blogs. Some far and some near.  Today I met up in person with a fellow Seattleite, Tiff from Carbzilla.  It was lots of fun.  I'm still amazed at how much we have in common and it sounds like our husbands have plenty in common as well.  I have a feeling we will never run out of things to do or talk about!

Big thanks and hugs to Averie from Love Veggies and Yoga - if it weren't for her blog Tiff and I might never have met!

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Marie-Jolie said...

Here is the book I was telling you about (to knit cables): Ready, Set, Knit: Cables by Carri Hammett. Maybe your library will have it?

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