Monday, October 11, 2010

Mondays Child #16 - A writing Prompt

There were two witches and a wizard made three
And a potion they did make for you and me
With little bits of this and vials full of that
A few worm castings, kitty sheddings and snail slime
Bat squeeks, spider sneaks, and rat's cheese sublime
In a boiling bubbling cauldron upon a firey flame
With giggles and snickles and snookles they did brew
A halloween night full of fun and fright
For everyone, everywhere, they did stew
Mandrake screams and ghostly dreams
Doors that go slam and steaming socks full of toe jam
With salamander spit and toadstools grown in...
Well, never mind that
With a final sprinkle of powdery book dust
And a young frogs ribbet they did thrust
Into the swirling, twirling cauldron of goo
Their wishes of a spooky fun night for me and you.

Inspired by Monday's Child at


signed...bkm said...

"With giggles and snickles and snookles they did brew" love it and the salamander spit - what a brew this is for Halloween is going to a feast of a night....thank you so much for posting at Monday's Child.....blessings...bkm

sarah said...

spooky fun stuff! blessings...s....

Deborah said...

A delightful cocktail of ingredients ... I loved it :o)

Mandy said...

i love this...i tell you what...i have never used the word sublime in any of my writing...ever...but i did this time and here it is ...its such a great word...i used it because i wanted to use the word slime but it wouldn't work enjoyabe to

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