Friday, October 22, 2010

An October Walk in West Seattle

This is one of my favorite times to go out for a photography walk - so many colors and festive fall decorations to capture.  These photos, were taken on a recent walk around my neighborhood.  I live on a peninsula with great beaches on either side and beautiful neighborhoods in between.  I never tire of trying to find a new route, an alley I haven't walked down, a stair case up the hill I have yet to climb.  And along the way I usually see some fun things and meet some friendly neighborhood residents.  I hope you enjoy the walk, it's a little lengthy, so grab a cup of some delicious fall beverage and settle in for a tour de Alki.

Ah, Amanita muscaria, one of the most photogenic of fungi.  So beautiful.

This highly decorated little cottage is just a little ways from my own home.  
The usual decor is beachy, but they have added a little fall flair.  
I think it goes well.

Leaves and seeds on the side walk - always beautiful!

Here is one of the friendly neighborhood residents. 
 He was willing to stop his busy gathering for a moment and pose for me - how nice!

Here is another friendly resident - though this one only comes around this time of year.

A garden with plenty of greenery left and a beautiful bird bath.
I love that color of green!

Yet another neighborhood resident.  This fella keeps an eye on things at a playground.
He's got a cousin over on the other side of the neighborhood who keeps tabs
 of all the walkers and cyclists enjoying Beach Drive and Constellation Park. 

A friendly offering of bird seed by an odd bird indeed!

This jack-o-lantern means business!  That's one good guard, I'd say!  
Look how his eyes follow you...

Having grown patti-pan squash before I can understand why the gardeners 
may have left these last few end of season squash for the critters - they are so prolific!

Another friendly neighborhood resident who stopped to say hi and pose for the camera!
I just love the splattered mustache on this kitty!

Vibrant red dahlias still going strong.  

This was so rustic, I just had to take a picture.
Most likely this shed has been standing for a very long time - 
a part of Alki's rich history

This house was really going all out with the Halloween decorations - 
what a great window display!!!

And then there was the porch!  I wonder what's she's brewing!?

There were even a few friendly ghosts hanging about.

I walked along Alki beach just in time 
to catch this tug making it's way west. 
 A beautiful day to be out on the water!

I had stepped down onto the beach to pick up a plastic water bottle
left behind by someone and came across this lone carnation bud 
amongst a pile of rocks and shells.  

 The glass art sculpture that i admire on my regular walks
had some visitors hanging out for the season.

I seemed to stumble into oz for a little while too.

and Hawaii?

Sparkling blue water, brilliant blue sky all greeted me on the
west and south sides of the peninsula.  I had to sit for a while on a bench 
and enjoy the view and do a little sun worshiping while I had the chance!

It likes like a neighborhood gnome had the same idea!

And a sunflower, too heavy with seeds to look up and follow 
the sun across the sky reminded me in its golden beauty
 of sunny days soon to pass and cooler grayer days to come...
making me very happy to have gotten out on this walk on such a beautiful autumn day!


EcoGrrl said...

love it - that first mushroom picture is GREAT! man it's been probably 10 years since i've done the alki beach walk...will definitely be making a seattle trip a priority in early '11!!

Becky said...

Maurie - thanks for the walk through your neighborhood. :o)

Jeanne said...

Wonderful Maurie! Your composition and lighting are fantastic. You live in a beautiful corner of the world :))

Jeanne xx

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